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Research on Islam at the University of Copenhagen

Below is an array of the research done on Islam at the University of Copenhagen. The names of the research institutions are linked to their respective web pages.

  • Centre for European Islamic Thought

    The task of the Centre is to study and investigate Islamic religious thought in contemporary Europe.

  • The New Islamic Public Sphere Programme

    The programme focuses on media on muslims, by muslims and for muslims in the entire Islamic World.

  • CUMINet

    This is the blog of the research affiliation Copenhagen University Middleeast and Islam Network.


    Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism is an interdisciplinary forum for research on equality and equal treatment of ethnic, national and religious groups.

  • Islam in European Literature

    From Dante and Marlowe to the Qur'an and Orhan Pamuk, this project investigates the relations to Islam, the Islamic world and Islamic literature in European literature.

  • Forum on Islam Research

    The forum promotes the knowledge and research on Islam and Muslims in Denmark and strengthens new and existing research networks.