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Copenhagen University Islam Lecture Series

The Copenhagen University Islam Lecture Series is organised by Centre for European Islamic Thought and the New Islamic Public Sphere Programme and aims to present important scholars working on topics of relevance to the Islam focus of Copenhagen University. We aspire to attract a wider audience and provide a lively platform for state-of-the-art research on Islamic thought, society, media, and public debate.

Spring 2011

Albrecht Fuess
Introducing Islamic Theology at German Universities,
Aims and Procedures

13th April, 2011

Autumn 2010

Ann Elizabeth Mayer
Promoting the Duty to Combat 'Defamation of Religions':
A Subversive Campaign in the UN Human Rights Council
24th November 2010 

Julian Rivers
The impact of Islam on the UK's law on religion
13th October 2010

Mohamed Kerrou
Women, Veils and Public Spheres
29th September 2010

Fikret Karčić
Main trends in the interpretation of the shari'a in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000-2005
15th September 2010

Spring 2010

Christa Salamandra
Dramatizing Damascus: The Cultural Politics of Arab Television Production in the Satellite Era
14 April 2010

Ingmar Karlsson:
Turkey and the EU - Turks in the EU
10 March 2010